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Dari Wikikutip bahasa Indonesia, koleksi kutipan bebas.

Borat Sagdiyev (dalam Sirilik mungkin: Борат Сагдиев) adalah seorang tokoh satir yang diciptakan dan dimainkan oleh pelawak Britania Raya Sacha Baron Cohen. Seorang jurnalis dari Kazakhstan, ia diilhami oleh tokoh sebelumnya oleh Baron Cohen, seorang reporter TV Albania bernama Kristo, yang kemungkinan juga diilhami oleh selebriti internet Mahir Çağrı.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kutipan Borat dalam bahasa Inggris yang patah-patah (dengan gramatikal yang sengaja dibuat salah oleh pemerannya) - kecuali Jagshemash

  • "These are my country of a Kazakhstan....It nice"
  • "I like you, do you like me?"
  • "Jagshemash"
  • "Last night, I...I had a sex"
  • "My wife is dead, she die in a field...It's no problem, I have a new wife...She Nice"
  • "My sister was voted by Almaty chamber of commerce as best sex in mouth. She is number 2 or 3 prostitute in country of Kazakhstan."
  • "Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free...You must grab him by his horns, and then we`ll have a big party"
  • "Sexy time!"
  • "They do a bang-bang-bang in other men anus"
  • "There is a smell...It smell like a shit"
  • "I once carry a woman against her will for near one mile."
  • "Wa wa wee waa!"
  • "Can I put camera in ladies toilet? ... (NO) ... why not??"
  • "My sister, she's a... prostitute? ... (That's sad. Why?) ... She like to make money, high five!"
  • "Do women work here? ... (Yes) ... What??"
  • "I like, I like, I like a shave pussy!"
  • "You are a fat!"
  • "How many punch you take to cow before it fall? For me, my record is 11."
  • "Can I buy you?"
  • "My wife is scared of the men with the chocolate face"
  • "What is best way to silence a woman?"
  • "I want to make a romance inside of you. Not by force. Only if she let me."
  • "Do you like a porno?"
  • "If you vote for him, he will make sure you and your family will have very good years, if you do not... you'll be sorry"
  • "If you do not vote for him, he will take power."
  • "I will not leave until you swear on the eyes of your child that you will vote for him."
  • "My mother, she never love me, she tell me sometimes she wish she was raped by someone else"
  • "Do you have a big... Hram?"
  • "It is coming"
  • "Thank you to speak me"
  • "If she cheat on me, I crush her."
  • "Beat the Gypsy!!!"
  • "She must have plough experience."
  • "Is Freddy Mercury... homosexual?"
  • "Where is your horse? ... (I can't afford one, you see, I'm retired.) You are a retard? Like mongoloid?"